About Us

True enough, there is a limited understanding nowadays on some of the views by the left because of how the media shaped people’s opinion. But the reality is, if only you will give it some thoughts and allow yourself to open up, you will be able to appreciate the perspective where they are coming from.

What We Do

We provide a forum where people with the same thoughts as us can discuss freely without judgments. They don’t have to be afraid in this site. All they need is to join the conversation, try to express what they want in a respectful way, and learn from others based on their thoughts and experiences. In this way, they will be able to form their own opinions and belief that is very important in our community. We also provide different learning experiences so others can have a deeper grasp on the foundation of the left leaning ideology.

Why We Do It

 We feel that there is a shortage in the amount of understanding and safe space for this kind of ideology. People are quick to judge and point out when people with this idea come forward. That is why, by creating this space, we are sparing people from harm and the judgment of others. In this way, when they talk about their ideas and why they are saying why they are saying, they can also converse with other people and develop a stronger sense of what they believe in. And that is our guiding light in continuing to do what we have been doing in the past.